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Modern Technology Is Transforming The Way We Work And Benefits Our Life - With A Free Essay Review

Modern technology is opening the pathways for changing the way we live, work, learn, communicate and providing numerous advantages. Sometimes, however, it is also a problem in our life. In this essay, I am going to discuss how the life is transforming positively thanks to modern technology as well as its disadvantages. I firmly believe modern technology benefits our society.

First, today people access information around the world which is always updated through the Internet rather than newspapers or magazines. Besides that, we can keep in touch with others via emails or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter instead of paper letters. Furthermore, many companies tend to hold online meetings for their staff members in different places around the world instead of coming to a meeting to save time and money. Because of the conveniences, therefore, there are many people using the Internet. A survey in Australia in Dec 2007 show that the Internet users were almost three fourths the population (, n.d)

Second, using hi-tech applications can help people do many things to serve the daily life. For example, Google map can help us find direction easily. With Siri, we can ask iPhone to make a phone call or send a message by our voice while just some years ago we had to press the key-pad. Moreover, these days we can use the Skype software to make a call from your computer to other computer or form your iPhone to others without fee. I found that the quality of the calls by the Skype is as good as by mobile phones. I think this is the useful news for students especially for oversea students who have to live so far from their homes.

In spite of this, modern technology also impacts negatively on our life. Nowadays sophisticated crime is the most important problem. Hi-tech criminals can take your account and password details by using spam soft-wares or you are asked for the accounts and passwords by some false websites. Then they use the information to take money from the real accounts (Dutton 2004, p.18). In other cases, they not only take money but they also take your private or vital information. However, if people know how to use the Internet in safely their information is always protected.

In summary, although there are some disadvantages, positive impacts of modern technology outweigh their bad influences. Modern technologies help us in saving time, money and labour. Our society thus needs more new modern technologies to advance human’s life.



The second and third paragraphs give examples of the way people use modern technology and claim many people are using the internet (note: I changed "four" to "fourths," which I guess is what you meant). You need to make your argument here more explicit. For instance, you say that people use email or Facebook instead of letters to communicate. What you also need to do is identify what is gained and what, possibly, lost by this technological development. Along with the examples, try to make more claims about the nature of the improvement. You do this for instance when you say that web-conferences save time and money. What are the advantages or disadvantages of other technology. What's great about Google Maps (i.e., why is it better than a paper road atlas). What's better about talking to Siri instead of using a keypad. Clarify the relevance of these examples, as you do with your Skype example (although in that case too you forgot to add why Skype is especially useful for students; presumably you meant to say something about cost).

While of course you cannot cover every area of technological development, it's odd that you focus exclusively on computer-based technologies. You also have a fairly narrow focus in your treatment of the negative impact of modern technology and you deal with an obvious instance of such a negative impact, an instance that has to do with criminal behavior. I suggest you try to broaden the scope of your inquiry here. For instance, is there a sense in which we are becoming too dependent on modern technology? Is there a downside to how much time is taken up with our interactions with technology (games, videos, networking, and so on)? What about the technology of medicine or warfare?

Finally, note that you conclude with a mere assertion (the pros outweigh the cons) rather than with a logical conclusion that is clearly derived from the evidence you present and claims you make in the rest of the essay. You ought to try to prove what you assert.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: phuongnh1979

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