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Freshman Road Trip - With Response

It all happened on May 1, during lunch with me and my 6 best friends Emma, Bailey, Alessandra, Shelby, Waverly, and Rachel. We were all upstairs in the Landmark Center. “Hey Shel,” I say.

“Yeah Ty’Rea, whassup,” Shelby says.

“Remember when I told you about that one contest that KDWB is having?” I asked with wonder in my voice.

“Yeah the one with One Direction, Justin Bieber, Big Time Rush, and other great band/singers contest tickets right?” Shelby replies eagerly. “Yeah well guess what…” I say with a hint of suspicion in my voice…

“WHAT?” says the voices of my friends Bailey, Alessandra, Rachel, and Waverly in unison, “I won 6 tickets from the KDWB contest!” I scream frantically. We are all screaming by this point and by the time we are done… we notice that everyone is staring at us as if we have gone mad. “ WAIT!” Rachel shouts, “How many tickets are there?” She is practically yelling in my direction by this time.

“How many of us are there again?” I ask jokingly but serious, “I said I won six tickets Rach… you really need to get with the program girl.” I say while laughing at the comment with the others.

“Sorry,” Rachel says apologetically, “I zone out sometimes.” We all look at her with an expression that says, “really-sometimes?” Than Rachel says, “Okay I zone out a lot gees.”

“Ty’Rea, your mom is here to pick up you, Emma, Bailey, Alessandra, Shelby, Waverly, and Rachel.” She tells all of us.

“Thank you,” I say. “Do I need to get the slip signed?” I ask the woman from the front desk. She shakes her head no.

“Ty’Rea we would hate to interrupt, but we have ONE DIRECTION AND JUSTIN BIEBER WITH OTHER AMAZING BANDS/SINGER WAITING FOR US TO SHOW UP!” Yell Shelby and Emma in unison in my direction.

“Alright ladies time to go!” I shout with excitement.

In the vehicle with my mom and friends…

“Hi ladies,” My mom says to us with glee, “How are you doing today?”

“Hi Ms.Walker, Hi Ms.Walker, Hi Lena,” answer the various responses from my friends.

“Hi mommy,” I say in response back to her, “How are you today, we are all very excited for the trip!” I exclaim with lots of enthusiasm, and already jumping out of my seat.

“Well that is good.” My mom replies. “So have all of your parents given you permission to go on the trip with us?” my mom asks to my friends. “Shelby and Bailey, I talked to your parents already, so you are cleared.” She tells to Bailey and Shelby.

“OKAY!” Exclaim Shelby and Bailey with excitement.

“Ms. Walker…” Waverly says shyly, “My mom just texted me saying that I can go on the trip, but she said to call her when we get to the airport.” She finishes her sentence with more confidence this time.

“Ty’Rea,” Alessandra says for the first time since we left the Landmark Center.

“Yeah Alessandra,” I say in reply.

“We are going to have our suitcases and stuff at your house right?” Alessandra asks me nervously.

“Yeah why,” I ask out of curiosity.

“Oh because my mom wants to know where our bags are going to be.” Alessandra responds with ease and confidence.

“Oh that is cool, WAIT!” I say out of desperation, “Is your mom dropping it off at our house right now?” I am asking in a worried/yell voice, but not really know why.

“Yeah, she just texted me asking if we were back at your house yet!” Alessandra yells over the loud music blasting from the speakers of our truck.

“Okay, tell her we will be home in about two minutes Alessandra.” My mom adds in unexpectedly.

“Alright,” Alessandra replies.

Alessandra’s mother, Charlotte, is in the army, so they do not get to see each other a lot anymore. Alessandra was really hoping that she and her mom would get to bond over this trip but…

“Hi Ty’Rea!” says Alessandra’s mom.

“Hi Charlotte, Hi mom,” Alessandra and I say in unison.

“Here is your bag Sandra I got to get to work, so I’ll call you either before you get on the plane or I’ll just talk to you when you land.” Alessandra’s mom, Charlotte, says to her daughter.

“WAIT,” Alessandra screams, “You are not coming with us anymore?” Alessandra asks tears developing in her eyes, “I thought you said you got the week off!” Alessandra says almost screaming at her mom now.

“Look Alessandra I tried to get time off to go on the trip with you, but I couldn’t get the time off.” Alessandra’s mom tries to explain to her daughter.

“Well I wish you would have told me this beforehand!” Alessandra yells crying now, tears in her red eyes.

“Alessandra you know I wanted to go on this trip with you, but I can’t get time off from being in the army to…” Alessandra’s mom stops her sentence.

“What?” Alessandra asks through her fingers. “You can’t what; tell me I want to know!” Alessandra snaps at her mother.

“… I…” brrrring, “Hello, yes sir, yes sir, just getting ready to say goodbye to my daughter sir… okay… bye.” Sandra’s mom, Charlotte, says with a frozen expression on her face closing her cellphone.

“What was it Charlotte?” I asked, concerned about my best friend and my best friend’s mother.

“I know why I was not given time off work…” Charlotte says with a sad expression on her face, “I have been called out overseas for a job.” Charlotte says tears running down her face.

Alessandra’s face is awestruck with shock, but tears are still running down her face, “Did you know you were going to get called out to sea?” Alessandra asks her mother, while forcing the tears back from falling from her face.

“Charlotte, you are not coming?” My mom asks from the porch, “Why not… oh is it because you got that job, congrats!” She says hugging Charlotte now, but looking at her expression, and then mine and Alessandra’s.

“YOU KNEW ABOUT THIS!” Alessandra and I shout, mainly me because I felt betrayed by my own mother.

“I was not supposed to mention that was I?” My mom asks Charlotte dumbfounded.

I look at Alessandra, then Charlotte, and last my mother before I run inside the house, to the bathroom, to cry.

Inside the house, my room;

“Alright guys,” I say eyes still red from crying, “You are probably going to want to put on your pajamas because when we leave we are going to NEED to get sleep on the airplane ride, we are leaving around four- thirty and arriving at our destination around ten- eleven o’clock pm.” I continue not sounding very convincing at all.

“Ty’Rea, Alessandra, are you guys okay?” Waverly asks us with a worried look on her face along with those of my friends that show they are concerned about our well-being now.

“I am fine now Ty’Rea…” I cut her off.

“I am okay, alright!” I practically shout at them, “Okay maybe I am not okay, but that is because…” My sentence it cut-off by a loud BANG!!!!!

“WHAT WAS THAT?” I call outside to my mom and Charlotte.

“GIRLS COME OUTSIDE NOW WE NEED TO SHOW/TELL YOU SOMETHING!” Charlotte shouts back to me, and by this point, we are all confused by what is going on.

Outside where we lay our adventure…

“OMG,” “NO WAY,” “PINCH ME I AM DREAMING,” “AHHHHHHHH,” “Hi I am Ty’Rea.” These are the mixed reactions to what has just happened in my front yard.

“Hi I am Harry,” “I am Niall,” “I am Louis,” “I am Liam,” and “I am Zayn, and we are One Direction, and lost.” Say the boys of One Direction.

“Hi I am Ty’Rea, and these are my friends Emma, Rachel, Bailey, Alessandra, Shelby, and Waverly.” I say with a burst if confidence and red eyes. Which Zayn and someone else stepping off the, now crashed, tour bus seem to notice.

“Ty’Rea,” Zayn says to me.

“Yes,” I answer back still fighting, now happy, tears from my face.

“Why are your eyes so red?” Zayn finishes his sentence, “Why were you crying so much?” He asks while noticing I am laughing.

“Are you wondering why I am laughing?” I ask laughing in process.

“Uh… yes I am.” Zayn replies.

“I am laughing because you answered your first question,” I say with glee.

Then the next thing you hear is, “OMG!” Emma screams, “You are Jesse McCartney!” She finishes still screaming.

“Yes he is Emma,” I say, “Mommy; it is time to get Emma and Bailey inside before they faint in our front “yard.”

“That is a great idea Ty’Rea,” My mom replies back instantly, “Why don’t you all come inside it looks like it’s going to rain anyways.” She says to all of us.

“WAIT,” Zayn shouts, “Ty’Rea, you never really answered my question as to why you were crying.” He finishes with a look of concern on his face.

“Well I had won tickets to see you guys perform, but the my friend Alessandra’s mom could not get time off of work because of her being in the army…” I pause to breathe and continue on, “She was supposed to be coming on the trip with us so that she and Alessandra could bond, but then she got this job that not only she knew about, but that my mom knew about and congratulated her for, without telling me or Alessandra that she knew.” I stop again and breathe, “All the crying was because I had felt betrayed by my mom for not telling me that she knew about this.” I finally finish and notice that I am crying again because Zayn and Jesse have tears on their shirts from trying to comfort me.

We all eventually go inside the house, but not before, we play in the rain with One Direction and Jesse McCartney. When we get inside… it is time to figure some questions, and answers.

“Well I see suitcases and tickets…” Niall Horan, of One Direction, says. “Are you guys going somewhere?”

“Supposed to be going to your concert,” Shelby says, “As Ty’Rea said before, but now we are not sure.”

“We were actually told that we would get to meet the lucky winners from each state who won our tickets on the radio, we had to detour our way and somehow we ended up here.” Liam Payne Says. “This is from earlier when you told us, mainly Zayn, why you were crying. “CONGRATS!” Shout the members of One Direction.

“How did Jesse McCartney end up with you guys?” Emma asks to none of the members in particular.

“I can answer this one… Emma, right,” Jesse McCartney responds to Emma in return. “I had heard that they were holding a contest within a contest for tickets and a chance to meet them and a special musical guest… I wanted to be the musical guest, so here I am.” Jesse finishes.

“That was sweet, and nice of you to do Jesse,” Emma yells with the expression of having hearts in her eyes.

“Look One Direction, Jesse McCartney, as much as I LOVE having you in my living room…” I stop, and then continue, “We need to catch our flight and you need to get to the same destination as we do, plus fix your tour bus!” I say with my voice rising higher at the end.

“So are you guys still going to go,” Niall asks to us concerned.

“Well I really wanted to spend time on this trip with my mom since I never get to see her anymore.” Alessandra says, “But since she left for her job overseas…” She stops because of an incoming call on her cellphone. “Hello, hi mommy,” Alessandra says, “Yeah we haven’t left yet, but I… oh okay… well are you leaving for overseas now, or… when do you leave?” Alessandra asks into the phone, “Oh you do not leave for overseas for another couple weeks…well where will you be staying until you leave?” Alessandra asks curiously. “Oh okay well I think we are leaving so… MOM,” Alessandra shouts into the receiver of her cellphone. “She had to go.” Alessandra says depressed.

“Alessandra do you know where your mom is going to be for the time being?” Jesse McCartney asks her curiously. “If we knew where she was headed we could follow and do our performances there.” Jesse says, his idea not sounding so bad.

That is when it hit me, “Why don’t we turn your concert into a tribute for all the man and women in the army to celebrate and thank them for what they are doing for our country, then Alessandra and her mother can be at the performance and spend time together!” I shout with glee.

“Ty’Rea,” Harry yells, “That is a GREAT idea!” He exclaims in agreement.

“Really Harry, you like my modified version of Jesse’s idea?” I ask shyly. “Thanks.” I reply.

“Yes I do and you are very welcome.” Harry exclaims in response.



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Submitted by: tbradleyseals001


Please note that this story isn't completely finished, but it's very lengthy and I just need some opinions and comments. Thanks. :)
-Ty'Rea, high school Freshman.
May,06 2012

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