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Scandals Are Useful Because They Focus Our Attention On Problems - With A Free Essay Review

PROMPT: Scandals Are Useful Because They Focus Our Attention On Problems In Ways That No Speaker Or Reformer Ever Could.

Scandals are the results of detailed investigations and probing into the matter with full devotion. Scandals surface when an issue is being ignored for a long time and generally the person scandalized is or was in a position of authority. The positive aspect of the scandals is not the attention of the general public rather the attention gained from the government and other people of authority. When a particular scandal is discussed in the free media and among the gatherings of the opinion leaders, the process of change starts and thinking of masses get new directions.

When an issue is highlighted in free media in the form of scandal, journalists, analysts and experts discuss different aspects of the issue which may have been out of sight or being hidden from the view of the masses. They discuss the issue in different perspectives and make the opinions of the general public. The implications of the issue are discussed openly and argument in favour and against are gathered. Sometime the person accused is also given a chance to defend himself or herself. The vision of different interest groups is highlighted to further explore the issue. Many stake holders come up when a scandal is in the streets of a city.

Some of the well known scandals have forced the people once most powerful to change themselves but have also set the new horizon of the history. In US history the scandal of Bill Clinton and Monika Lewinsky compelled the US president to be defensive and apologise to the American nation for his misdeed. Similarly there are numerous examples around us when many powerful people have either resigned from their seats of honour or they perished for ever.

Scandals are the source of fame, money and change. When scandals come up some opportunists make money by hiding it while others make money by disclosing it and gain fame as being the first to classify the matter of great importance and of general interest.

Some scandals turn into movements and bring a social change of dying need. For example a famous scandal of Mukhtaran Mahi in Pakistani society gained a status of mass movement for the rights of women. This scandal paved the path for highly significant legislation to protect the right of women in Pakistan. Furthermore some institutions were also established to stop such incidents from happening again.



I thought this was an interesting discussion of the nature and consequence of scandals, but of course the prompt doesn't really ask you to write such a discussion and given the actual prompt you devote much too much attention to describing what happens when a scandal comes about. That is the focus, for instance, of the second paragraph, which is an interesting analysis but results in no conclusion relevant to deciding the merits of the claim in the prompt. The same is true of the subsequent paragraphs in your essay. The last two paragraphs, where you ought especially to be focused on demonstrating the truth of your position on the claim, really make no relevant arguments at all.

That claim suggests that scandals are more effective in drawing the public's attention to problems than are the efforts of reformers or speakers. So what you ought to do, I suggest, is compare the efficacy of the phenomenon of a scandal with the efficacy of the efforts of reformers to draw attention to problems.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: ryzone

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