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The Best Way To Teach Is To Praise - With A Free Essay Review

PROMPT: The Best Way To Teach Is To Praise Positive Actions And Ignore Negative Ones.

Many educators are propagating the idea of teaching the new generation through praising their positive actions and ignoring the negative behaviours. Appreciating the learners on their positive actions encourage them to perform even better in future. Proper motivation and acknowledgement of positive actions bring a sense of confidence in the learners. It is common believe that the positivity spread the positive manners.

It is the integral part of human psyche that he needs appreciation for his efforts and every good deed definitely requires the efforts. It is appropriate to praise the good performers to keep them in the high spirits of achievements. By closely observing the present education system of Pakistan we will find the slogan like MAR NAHE PYAR ( Love but no torture) in schools. Encouraging the teachers to teach the students through the power of love and appreciating their positive energies. Harnessing the positive energies to produce the best possible results needs to be adopted generally in society and particularly in school.

After learning from the previous experience of working with the prisoners, researchers like Dr. Kukab have reached the conclusion that the best way of rehabilitation of criminals is through a comprehensive program. The basic element of the rehabilitation program is the appreciation of the positive actions and giving suitable concessions to the person who displayed the responsible behaviour. Rebuking and highlighting their negative actions could make them even hardened criminals. Therefore an accommodative behaviour and giving them concession when they behaved responsibly in detention in the form of temporary release and change in the prisoner category produced good results in many countries.

Contrary to that if the negative actions are highlighted then there are chances that the students may start idealising these behaviours as violins become hero. They see these negative figers as their future roles. If we as a teacher in particular and society in general start ignoring the negative actions they would definitely get weak with the passage of time and the day is not far when it would be eliminated completely.



"Rehabilitation" might be regarded in some sense as a form of teaching, but there is no reason not to focus on teaching in the ordinary sense (i.e., teaching of students) and there is some risk involved (in an examination situation) in trying to broaden the concept to include the ways in which prisoners are treated. I would recommend not taking those kinds of risks and focus on dealing with the most ordinary interpretation of the prompt.

That's what you do, of course, in the first part of your essay, and there you make a reasonable case for the value of praising positive actions. In that respect, however, the essay is too one-sided. You need to consider possible objections to your argument. That means considering whether there are (or whether someone might reasonably argue that there are) negative consequences that attend upon praise. For instance, might it be that praise gives students a false impression of their abilities or achievements? If so, what might the consequences of such a false impression be? How might it impact a student's willingness to work hard? How might it impact a student’s willingness and ability to recognize and correct errors or weaknesses in her or his work?

So, by all means, make a strong positive case for the pedagogical benefits of praise, but also consider the other side of the argument. Note that this will also mean considering the possible value and not just the possible harm of pointing out a student's "negative" actions.

Best, EJ
Submitted by: ryzone

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