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Stork Parking - With A Free Essay Review

Stork Parking

People do not see, “Parking for expectant mothers,” serious. They are just spontaneous. One day as my kids and I drove up to my local grocery store. I saw a man parking his car in the, "expectant mothers parking." Do they think that these spots are not necessary as the handicapped spots? They are just as important! There are not enough of these parking’s. Many stores, for example, Sam's Club and Wal-Mart do not have them.

Remembering when I was expecting. I had difficulty walking long distances. Ever time I went to a store I wished there were stork parking spaces close to the store as the handicap parking is. It would make shopping much easier. At about 6 month into my second pregnancy. I could hardly even walk to the bathroom, from the deep pelvic girdle pain. This is just one discomforts that women face while pregnant.

Many people would say that walking is an excellent exercise. That is true but they only say that because they either have not been pregnant or had an easy pregnancy. They just have not been in my shoes. Like for me and other mothers, shopping could be done in one visit instead of two or even three. If more stores would consider having these stork parking. A lot of women would appreciate it.



You make a good case for the importance of what you call “stork parking.” If you wanted to develop the topic further, you might begin by asking why this type of parking spot is not generally available. Why do you think stores, for instance, do not provide this kind of parking space? What might their or anyone else's objection be to your proposal? Handicapped parking is mandated by law in the U.S. Would it be a good idea to have a similar law for stork parking?

You need to review the rules governing punctuation. The essay includes a number of sentence fragments, caused, for example, by using a period to separate dependent clauses from independent clauses, when they ought to be joined into one sentence with a comma. For example, your third sentence should be: "One day as my kids and I drove up to my local grocery store, I saw a man parking his car in the 'expectant mother's parking' spot." Note that I removed here the comma fault (the comma you inserted between "the" and "expectant”). You can review English punctuation at the following Purdue University website:

Cut and paste the address into your browser's address bar.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: tmonich

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