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Scandals Are Useful Because They Focus Our Attention On Problems - With A Free Essay Review

Scandals Are Useful Because They Focus Our Attention On Problems In Ways That No Speaker Or Reformer Ever Could. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position.

Due to the fact that no speaker or reformer could focus our attention on scandals makes us to believe that scandals are useful. But is that the only reason for the scandals' usefulness? For the speakers and reformers, scandals can have a great impact on one's reputation so it may be an intractable thing for them. But as ordinary citizens, we tend to search for the public figure's scandals and take them as our talking materials. In addition to the receiver of the scandals, the transmitter of the scandals plays an important part in leading or misleading the public into believing the right or wrong messages. Thus, scandals' usefulness is depended on its source, receiver and the promulgator.

Scandals are bad news or something public figures do not want others to know. Once they are exposed to the public, their reputation and prestige can be greatly influenced, a consequence nobody would like to see. Judging from this way, scandals may be useless for a famous people in that they may affect or even destroy his or her future life. However, giving a second thought, would not that the possibility of exposing their scandals to the public that restrained the public figures' behaviours and thoughts? There is always an eye keeping on them, keeping them from doing something bad or wrong. The Watergate Scandal is a good proof for this. If the the scandal had not been exposed, there would have been a bad influence on American Politic and culture, preventing the development of democracy.

Talking about the scandalous lives of public elite or famous people is a kind of entertainment for us ordinary citizens. At least from this point of view, scandal is useful for ordinary people. In the political area, scandals are the best way for us to see through the problems of the legal system and supervise the government to be fair and open. The concealment of the Chinese government about the serious situation of SARS in China and finally led to a tremendous loss has proved the importance of keeping the public informed of the current state. In the economic area, scandals are generally considered as corruption. It is a stimulus for the social stability if certain scandals about corruption are exposed to the public in that both the official and the government are likely to pay attention to their behaviours.

Mass media is always a bridge, connecting the public, government and people from different kinds of work and position. It is the major way for finding, making and spreading scandals. Mass media takes a great responsibility for searching scandals for public. Actually, to some extent, mass media depends our viewpoint and form our value about certain events. Scandals are useful for media because those scandalous story may be the warrants for the sale of a newspaper, click rate of a website or rating of a television program. In order to get these things, some media would make up stories and lead to a bad effect. Although it is useful for mass media to undercover scandals, it is also important to make sure of its reality.

Few speakers or reformers could focus our attention on problems is not the only reason for the importance of scandal. It is a complicated question for different people as public figures, ordinary citizens and mass media. Some people may argue that the scandals will destroy one's whole life and thus should be prohibited. But just because of the possiblity of destroying one's reputation or even one's life should all the famous people to maintain moral principles and set a good example for others.



You get off to a poor start here I think by going off on a tangent. The claim in the prompt is not that "no speaker or reformer could [ever] focus our attention on problems [I take it you meant to say 'problems' here rather than 'scandals']” but that scandals are better able to focus our attention on problems than are speakers or reformers. That's the issue you need to tackle. So asking whether there are other reasons for "scandals' usefulness" is beside the point. I would advise you to start over, to take another stab at writing this essay. You will likely get no credit in an examination for answering a question that has not been asked. One approach to a prompt like this might be to develop a list of questions that need to be answered in order to evaluate the claim. In this case, such questions might include the following:

Do reformers have difficulty focusing our attention on problems? If so, why might this be?

Do scandals succeed in focusing our attention on problems or do they focus our attention on something else? (Might they be a distraction?)

Are there any examples of reformers who succeeded or failed to succeed in really focusing our attention on problems?

Are there any examples of scandals that succeeded or failed to succeed in really focusing our attention on problems?

Remember also that when you've decided where you stand on the issue, you must also try to articulate the strongest possible argument that could be made against your position. Structurally, your essay ought to look like this:

I believe X is the case.

I believe X for the following reasons: A, B, C.

Some argue however that Y is the case.

They point to examples or reasons like the following: A1, B1, C1.

This counter-argument is flawed because: etc.

Note that I'm giving this very general advice instead of responding directly to your essay because the essay itself doesn't really respond to the prompt. You have to avoid this problem because essay graders tend to be ruthless when it comes to essays that don't respond to the prompt. The examination for which you are preparing gives you very little time to write your essay, but even so you should devote as much time as is needed to make sure you have understood the prompt correctly.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: clark9966

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