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Audio And Video Technology And Film - With A Response

Audio and video technology and film involves the technology used to produce and present sound, video, and multimedia. In this career my major tasks and activities include operating technical equipment at presentations and entertainment venues. They set up and maneuver audio and video equipment, including microphones, sound speakers, video screens, projectors, video monitors and recording equipment. In this career it is vital that you understand the basic fundamentals of AV technology.

Knowledge of computer hardware and software is very important for audio visual technicians. In order to be successful outstanding customer service experience is required because you will need to build trusting relationships with customers and colleagues. Information technology skills also are valuable because digital recording, editing and broadcasting are now used more frequently. It is important to most importantly possess knowledge of producing, sharing and delivering information through written, spoken or visual media.

Proper education and job training is vital in Audio and Video Technology and film. I personally plan on going to Miracosta College and get my general education and obtain my associates degree in electrical engineering. After I attained my associate degree I will then transfer to the University of California San Diego to get my bachelor’s degree in mechanical and electrical engineering.

This career is mostly about learning from experience being a kinesthetic learner will help you to succeed and overall earn a higher salary. Simply, the more experience you have the higher the pay. The average salary as an Audio and Video Technician is $66,720 annually, depending on the field you choose income can range from $30,560 to over $166,400 per year.

Audio and Video Technology and film will allow me to work with other creative, interesting, and powerful people in the industry. This career will give me the opportunity to engage in creative problem-solving. Based on my personality this career will allow me to impress others with my articulateness and enthusiasm. In conclusion, this career will allow me to grasp new ideas quickly and operate at my own pace.



I am unclear about the purpose of this essay, aside from the obvious purpose of letting the reader know what you plan to do with your life in the next few years. In that respect the essay is largely fine, but it's not the kind of essay we review. You're not writing an argument, and you seem also not to be writing an application for anything in particular, and without any other idea of its purpose or of the criteria by which it should judged, I’m afraid I cannot provide a meaningful critique.

Best, EJ
Submitted by: Slimdeloro

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