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My Favorite Place - With A Free Essay Review

Warren G. Magnuson Park is a former Navy airfield located at Sand Point. This park, located on a mile long stretch of Lake Washington, has beautiful scenery and an impressive array of historical landmarks. Between watching sailboats glide across the water, the endless species of wildlife, and the scattered artwork, it is easy to see why Magnuson Park is my absolute favorite place to be.

During the day, Magnuson is a flurry of activity. On any given day you might see a couple riding bikes together along one of the many walking trails, or perhaps a family flying kites on an open field. There are always kids playing soccer on one of the sports fields, and playing on the playgrounds. For the adults there is sailing on the lake, and various historical monuments for their viewing pleasure. I have been to Magnuson many times, and I have yet to experience all that the park has to offer. I still have not seen all the artwork scattered over the area, and I still have not taken a tour around the 1930ís era buildings, among other things. One thing I have done is fishing on Lake Washington with my family. We didnít catch a thing. However, we did all have a great time, and we learned something. We learned that that section of Lake Washington has NO fish in it. Another time, my best friend and I went and just sat on the grass, looking out at the water and the sailboats gliding over the surface. During the day, this park is cheery, fun, and inviting. When the sun goes down, however, the atmosphere changes drastically.

In the dark, Magnuson becomes an entirely new place. No longer will you find children running around, enjoying the fresh air. No families are out on the fields playing kickball. Because Magnuson has no enforced closing time, itís a great place for night owls to come out and enjoy themselves, even if it is a little creepy. The park, being an old Navy airfield, is riddled with large bunker doors and ominous buildings with rusted locks, which can send your imagination soaring in the evening hours. The first time my friends and I went there, we started thinking about what we would do if the zombie apocalypse happened to hit right at that moment. We imagined that the bunkers werenít there to keep unwelcome things out, but to keep them inside. We pictured zombies coming out of the large, rusted doors, spilling out onto the fields faster than we could run. The only escape would be the lake, of course, because everyone knows zombies canít swim. This is my favorite time to be at Magnuson, because for those of us with an active imagination, it can be a much more exhilarating place than it is in the daylight. More often than not, I am at Magnuson in the dark, with one or two friends. We simply wander around the trails, talking about life, music, school, and whatever else we can think of. These are the times I live for. The times that I can just be with people I care about, in a place that I love. See, for me, being at Magnuson in the dark is sort ofÖserene. Itís peaceful, and quiet, and can be quite calming. Itís comfortable.

I believe that everyone needs somewhere they can go to escape from their crazy, hectic lives. For me, that place is Warren G. Magnuson park. It is a giant park with endless possibilities for entertainment, from playing sports and flying kites during the day, to running from zombies at night. During the day I can go to walk, read, or tour the old buildings. At night I get to enjoy the quiet, peaceful surroundings, losing myself in the darkness. This is my favorite place to be, because thatís what I can do. I can just go and be me for a while, without having to worry about my next test, or doing laundry, or filling up my gas tank. Magnuson Park is my escape, my refuge, and my favorite place.



This is not the kind of essay we typically review here (itís not an argument) so Iím afraid I donít have much to say about it. I think your praise of the park seems a little cliched or formulaic and a little effusive, though I've not been there and perhaps it's as great as you say, but it does sound a bit like you are trying to sell me something. The essay generally, however, seems fine to me. It's really quite well written. My only objection would be to the final paragraph, which has the feel of an introduction rather than a conclusion, is a bit repetitive, and is perhaps just unnecessary. Sorry I've nothing more to offer.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: MamaStewie

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