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Parental Control - With A Free Essay Review

Are your parents controlling? Do you want to know, or understand, Why? They only have a certain amount of control over you and have less control over you as you get older. Parents try to maintain their power because they want to keep you safe. Kids should be understanding of this. Although it may be frustrating for kids to have controlling parents, there are things kids can do to make it better for themselves.

Parents can be super controlling when it comes to their children because parents love their children and want the best for them. Some might think that their parents just want to ruin their lives, but that is not the reason for being a controlling parent at all. Personally, I have seen what may, at times, happen when children are disobedient, for instance, my uncle, no matter how much his mom told him to behave and watch what he did, he never listened. He was a disobedient child growing up and ended up spending a lot of time in prison as he got older. Parents are controlling because they do not want you spending your life in prison. If parents didn’t really care about their children they would just let them go out and do drugs, drink, and ruin their lives.

If you have controlling parents you may think your friends are lucky because their parents let them do whatever they want, but in reality, you are lucky if you have parents that care about you, and your future. Don’t hate your parents for being controlling. Love them because they love and care about you.

In the meantime you can do things that will make them try to control you less. First, following their rules will make them think you are a good kid. When children disobey their parent’s rules and do as they please, they may end up hurt or in trouble. Second, getting a job while living with your parents will give you a bit more freedom, and make them think you are responsible. If your parents are supporting you and keeping a roof over your head, respect them and their rules and be responsible by getting a job. Before leaving your house to go drink or party think and ask yourself, ‘Do I want to come home in a police car?’ or ‘Do I want to get hurt?’ or maybe even ask yourself ‘Do I want to end up dead?’ Be safe for your and your parent’s sake. By doing these things, kids can reduce parental control.

So remember, if your parents are controlling over your life, it is because they love and care about you, and want the best for your future. Remember to consider your parents advice and do not just ignore it.



Your essay doesn't clearly define what you mean by "controlling" or give examples of controlling behavior by parents. I think that is a weakness of the essay because the scope of such behavior is wide. Parents can focus, to be sure, on trying to control only activities that might have negative consequences, but they can also try to control or influence every aspect of a child's or teeanager's life. The latter sort of parent might still be motivated by the same care and love that you think motivates controlling parents generally, of course, but it is probably the case that different parents have different motivations, and it is also probably true that every parent has more than one motivation. Parents can doubtless be controlling, as you say, out of love, but they can also be controlling out of tiredness or frustration or anger or plain meanness or even out of habit.

So I think your essay takes a one-sided view of things; you consider one possible explanation of controlling behavior and assume that it applies to all cases of such behavior. It may well apply to many cases, and your advice to children or teenagers involved in those kinds of cases seems reasonable enough. But I think your essay would be stronger if it took account of the complexity of the issue it addresses and acknowledged the difficulty of finding a simple solution that will just work for everyone no matter their circumstance.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: Martinez_Norma98

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