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Kent Essay - With A Free Essay Review

Why Have You Chosen Your Selected Degree Programme; Why Have You Applied To The University Of Kent; And How Do You See Your Degree At Kent Preparing You For Your Life After Graduation?

I have chosen Economics as my degree programme .I believe that knowledge of economics is very useful for everyone. Economics helps us to understand many issues impacting our daily lives and enables us to make better choices. Our future is shaped to a substantial extent by economic forces beyond our control. The utility of basic understanding of economic is very useful for people in business or management and government.I studied Indian Economics and Statistics in 11th Standard and Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in 12th Standard. The courses were a good balance of Theory and Mathematics which I thoroughly enjoyed. Also my mother is an Economics graduate so she always helps me in the subject and provides me guidance when I need it. Iíve always found Economics a very practical subject where whatever we learn in class can easily be related in real life. So because of this I chose a very interesting and practical project for my Economics class last year. In a group of 5 students of which I was the leader we conducted a survey in our city and interviewed over 300 random people asking them about their tastes in Indian reality shows. We also interviewed some channel executives. In the end, with the help of charts and graphs we presented the results in our class. My efforts were much appreciated by my teacher and doing the project was a very fun and learning experience for me.Also, I have been a top performer of Economics in my class. I performed exceptionally well in all the preparatory exams in school .I think the two years of studying economics helped me gain a lot of interest and technical knowledge about economics and I studied various topics like government budget , forms of market , consumer and producerís equilibrium etc. So by the end of my Indian Economics and Statistics course last year it became quite clear to me that I wanted to major in Economics in college since I always wanted to study something that interests me and something Iím passionate about.

I chose University of Kent after doing thorough research for many months and in the end I gave Kent my firm decision over Durham University. I read many great reviews online and I contacted some students of the university and they encouraged me to invest my time and money in Kent. I had discussions with my family, my counsellor and some of my friends studying abroad at the end of which I was convinced to choose University of Kent .Surely there must be great reasons for a university to be voted the best in the region twice for Student satisfaction. I was also impressed with the quality and reputation of the university. The rankings of the university for Economics are quite high and that along with the convenient living facilities convinced me and my parents to give Kent my firm decision in UCAS. My only priority of studying abroad is to develop myself and get the best education I can get by which I can support myself and my family and I think studying in University of Kent will give me just that.Also from what Iíve seen Canterbury is a good city to live in. The location of Keynes College is convenient and since the accommodation is near by it will be highly convenient for me. The accommodation guarantee and the clarity of cost was also a benefit for me. The 24/7 internet connection is also very useful as I spend hours on the internet. Another great opportunity I can get at Kent is the Industrial training in the 3rd year of my degree. I think Industrial Training plays a vital role in a studentís life for professional development and will provide me with an understanding of real life situations and wider my learning, career aspects and skills. Coming from a country like India where the chances of any teaching taking place outside the classroom is almost null I think Industrial Training along with the research based teaching at the university would really be an enriching experience for me.

In order to get academic, financial and career success a quality education is utmost important. So, getting the undergraduate degree is very important for me because it directly boosts my earning potentiality and career prospects. Earning a bachelorís degree not only improves my life but also the lives of my parents. The education will require a hefty investment of time and money but it is worth everything spent. Also, I believe spending time in another culture is much more educational and enriching and inclusive and expansive than studying in my country. I think by immersion in another language and culture new possibilities open up that will not be otherwise available. An international perspective is very empowering. So after my bachelorís degree at the University of Kent I plan to get a Masters degree so that I can specialize in Economics and learn as much as I can about the subject.Coming from a family where my elder brother couldnít graduate from college because of shortage of funds, I realize how important and valuable education is and Iím going to make sure every moment spent at the university is worth it and do something positive and progressive with the time I spend in England.



This seems like a reasonably comprehensive response to the prompt, with the exception of the end, which I will get to in a moment. In a way, it may be too comprehensive in that your essay does not distinguish between banal reasons for your choices and important ones. You should probably identify and put greater emphasis on the important reasons, or just delete the banal ones.

The essay starts off in a rather dull and vague way. There's really no need to include statements as general as "I believe that knowledge of economics is very useful for everyone." That may be true but itís not obviously any more true than "knowledge of biology is very useful for everyone." The next sentence is a bit better but youíre still putting the reader in the position of having to guess what you are specifically talking about when you talk about the "many issues impacting our daily lives" that economics helps us to understand. You then say that an "understanding of economic[s] is very useful for people in business or management [or] government.Ē Again, that is probably true, but so what? What does that fact have to do with the fact that you want to study economics?

This issue relates to the problem with the end of the essay to which I alluded a moment ago. The problem is that by the time that I reach the end of the essay, I still don't know exactly what you want to do with your training in economics. If I did know that, then I might understand the relevance of your claim that economics is important to people in business or government to your decision to pursue a degree in the subject. What your opening sentences lack is a straightforward, explicit statement of why you want to study economics. Everything is instead implicit. (Here's an example of an explicit statement so you know what I am talking about: "I want to pursue this degree because I have a strong interest in pursuing a career in government and economics is one of the most important subjects for government officials to understand.")

The purpose of the rest of the first paragraph is also not as clear as it should be. It is reasonable to include the information that you include there (i.e., your mother studied economics; the school project) but only if you can tie it back to your desire to study economics. You do tie some of it back to that desire in a sense ("So by the end of my Indian Economics and Statistic course, ... [I knew] I knew I wanted to major etc.) but I think you need to be more specific than that.

You should also consider organizing the elements of your paragraph in some kind of logical way. That is, instead of just providing a list, make it clear which element on the list is most important. ("But my most important reason for wanting to study economics is ... .")

Much of what I've said of the first paragraph applies also to the second, but especially applicable is this last point about clarifying the relative importance of your different reasons for, in this case, wanting to go to Kent. Some of your reasons should just be deleted. Most universities have continuous internet access so the fact that Kent does is the least compelling reason for wanting to go there (the fact that you "spend hours on the internet" is perhaps a fact that you should not reveal in any case). But aside from that, just organize the paragraph: I have many reasons for wanting to go to Kent, including A, B, C. I'm especially interested in Kent because X or Y.

I've already mentioned the problem with the last paragraph. If it is the case, however, that you are unsure what you want to do when you are done with school, that's all right as long as you acknowledge that fact. (Something along these lines: I want to study economics because I like the subject. I may decide to go into business after education if the right opportunity arises, but I am also open to staying in academia or going into politics).

Best, EJ.
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