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Religion Is Just A Phase (Brave New World) - With A Free Essay Review

Religion is a phase, which we only refer to when we need something. Science can easily replace everything religion has to offer because it provides comfort; it is able to make life easier, it has reasons for everything, it is very radical. A comfortable life and drugs will remove the need for god. Technology can remove things which we find hard such as work (job). Science can provide reasons for everything and thus it is more believable than religion. Science will easily replace religion in the future by providing substitutes for everything religion has to offer.

We all live in a world where comfort and happiness is achieved through material things. We often rely on new innovations to provide us comfort and not the bible, religion is only used when we are trying to achieve something. In the modern world there are many more people that buy an iPod than a bible. They all depend on having the latest gadgets; this defines their social status most people do not look at who is more religious. They often ignore it until they are in desperate need for something to be done, thus when something is achieved we forget about religion and rely on material things for happiness. It is simple human nature now. In the book most people disregard religion due to the fact that it causes strong feelings. Strong feelings get disposed of very early in the establishment of the World State. This makes comprehending religions very hard. Strong feelings are said to cause suffering, hardships, and ultimately violence. This is very useless and therefore is disposed in brave new world. Science replaces religion there. Yes, though they worship Ford they do not consider him supernatural they only see him as the ideal being the fundamental person in this new world. Science provides the comfort that God would have. Our world can easily develop into that phase due to the racism, and terrorism that most religions offer to other religions. It would not be a surprise if our world transitions into that phase due to all these conflicts. Conflict and pride is what our lives are made of today, science can provide better refuge than religion.

Technology is replacing everyday activities; it can easily remove all the hardships that we face today. We turn to religion to solve our everyday problems, if these problems and hardships were to depart then we would not need religion. We mostly result to religion when we feel distressed or gloomy because of workload or because something with our lives is not going the way we want it to. In Brave New World these feelings to not occur, the have been detached from the new society which has been established. The way they have replaced these feelings is through technology; people are kept busy so that they will not need a supernatural force to help them. Then again there is soma the solution to most of the problems and one of the major scientific breakthroughs made in the world at that time. With such technology the term of God is not needed. Technology also makes life relaxed, though it may seem that it replaces our daily activities however it simplifies our lives and lets us focus on things apart from our daily troubles. This makes us focus more on things such as work and our social life and hence reduces our attention on religion. We can, without the common hindrances of our lives provide our complete attention to work; thus, reducing our thoughts on religious topics. We have less to worry about and thus we completely remove thoughts on religion from our lives. If a renewed world can replace religion just by making life easy, there is no reason why this world would not go into this stage.

We as humans prefer things which can provide us with a reason, we question and as a result

we require answers for everything. It’s built in to our bodies to have answers for everything and religion does follow this concept, most of the things in religion do not have an explanation. Science is very radical today and in the World State. Everything in the Brave New World society has a reason to it. Mustapha Mond when conversing with John is able to explain the reason for extinguishing religion in the brave new world society. Even in the beginning of the book Henry Foster explains in great detail the process of decanting, how it is carried out, as well as the reason for it. Look at the bible; it has a creation story but not much detail. It is very paradoxical. The Bible does say that God was lonely and wanted company and thus he made humans but the thing that it isn’t clear about is why he made all the other animals. In the real world today we have many theories and formulae which explain everything that science is made up on. Yes, at times we do draw conclusions and make assumptions but those too are guided by the knowledge of each thing. Everything, even the human body, the evolution of humans everything is explained with science. With such reason science becomes more reliable. Science is essential to the world today, even more than religion and thus because of its reasoning it will overtake religion as the fundamentals of the world.

Science can remove religion from the world because of the comfort it provides; because it can reduce all hardships, and finally it has reasons for everything. Comfort is one of the main ideals of science. It makes our lives much easier and reduces the need to think about God. And it is very rational. Science is not far from being the single unparalleled concept of the world.



I'm not entirely clear about the ultimate purpose of this essay. I'm especially not clear about the purpose of the references to Brave New World. On the one hand, you make a series of claims about the role of science in the present age. This part of your essay is a little bit repetitive, but it is reasonable enough. On the other hand, you make a number of claims about the role of science and technology in the World Society imagined in the novel Brave New World. Your direct references to the novel are few and the relevance of those references is not fully clarified. (You mention that Mond explains "the reason for extinguishing religion" and "Foster explains in great detail the process of decanting," but you don't actually explain either of those things yourself.)

Typically an essay that refers to Huxley's Brave New world and makes claims about the present age would be interested either in using tendencies in the present age to discuss the plausibility of Huxley's imagined society or in using Huxley's vision as a touchstone for criticism of the present age. Your essay doesn't do the former obviously enough (you’re not attempting any type of critical or interpreting reading of the novel). You come closer to doing the latter, but you are not really offering a critique of the present age based on the more or less terrifying features of the World Society. Ultimately, and oddly, you seem to be using Brave New World to help you make the claim that science can and will replace religion.

The incongruity of this approach is what makes me question my grasp of the purpose of your essay. It would make sense to use Brave New World to help you offer a damning critique of the role of science and technology in the present world, but your discussion of that role is often neutral or even approbative. You write as though Brave New World were not a satire of tendencies in modern society, as though it might even be utopian rather than dystopian fiction. Having said that, your essay is not without its own satirical moments. You seem to want to imply that there is something odd in ipods being more popular than the bible, for instance.

If you want to argue, then, that modern science is taking over from religion as the source of answers to the problems of existence, and you want to suggest that that is a good thing, perhaps the reference to Brave New World should just be dropped, although that will leave you with a much diminished essay.

If you want to argue instead that there are serious dangers that attend our increasing reliance on science and technology and you find that Brave New World offers a dystopian vision that helps us understand those dangers, then you need to explain, with the help of direct reference and quotation, the nature of the evils of the World Society, and how they relate to the real world.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: Apurva

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