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Celebrity Role Models - With A Free Essay Review

You click an article about your favorite celebrity on the computer. The article is about the celebrity taking marijuana illegally. You are shocked and ashamed, but wonder if you support the celebrity by illegally taking marijuana too. Celebrities are famous because of their followers, or fans, that follow and support their footsteps and ideas. If a celebrity is sponsoring this make-up brand, then the fans will definitely buy the product. Celebrities have to watch out for their actions because it affects their status in the entertainment industry, or the paparazzi will leak out the disturbing information. Celebrities are actually a good way to promote products and merchandise because they are more popular than common sponsors; therefore more people would be aware of the sponsored product. However, some actions the celebrities do will also influence youths in a wrong way. For example, if a celebrity takes drugs, and a news article is writes about it, their fans might think that it is correct to do such a thing and do the same thing. Some celebrities are a good influence on people, but we shouldn't follow every step they take in life because we might end up destroying our lives as a result of it. There are three celebrities—Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears-- that are a bad influence on the society because they took drugs, rebelled against their parents, and took nude photos.

One example of an abominable celebrity is Lindsay Lohan. She is an American actress, pop singer, and model. On August 23, 2007, Lohan was pleaded guilty of consuming cocaine and driving under the influence (Daily Mail). As a result, she was sent to prison for a day of confinement. Events like these can damage a celebrities' reputation blunderingly. When bad events like this occur, the celebrity's company bribes the author of the article to not leak the news out. However, reporters still put the news in the open, and fans are in shock. Some fans say statements like, "I don't admire her anymore," or "She has to stop now!" On the contrary, fans would agree with the star and consume drugs as well, leading to car accidents, and major disturbing events. There are a great number of people dying today because of drivers who drive under the influence. The drunk drivers hurt themselves and hurt the people around them, strangers or family members. Ever since the failing of the two drug tests, she has been sent to numerous amounts of court trials and jail threats. Society has bashed on the actress many times, making her think about all the things she has done to ruin her life.

Another example of a bad celebrity is Miley Cyrus. She is an American singer and actress; she was born with the name Destiny Hope Cyrus (Wikipedia). Cyrus has debuted at a young age with Disney Channel. She has been with hem for the past five years and is considered a young adult. After turning sixteen, she has been rebelling against her parents and taking matters into her own hands. One day, she leaked nude photos of herself online (TMZ). News articles have said that the photo was for her boyfriend, Nick Jonas, but no one knows the real truth why she took it. Ever since then, the young idol has been pole dancing, revealing a great amount of skin, and many more provocative and unmentionable actions. In defiance of the drugs and obnoxious activities she has revealed, she has helped Haiti when they were in a desperate need of aid. She held an auction online, selling her merchandise and other celebrity's merchandise (People Magazine). The money collected would be bestowed to Haiti to aid the victims of the colossal and devastating earthquake. Since she works for Disney, a lot of young kids look up to her. There could be one day where you see an eight year-old girl strip dancing because of the bad influence that Miley Cyrus has given.

In addition to the previous two examples, the third example of a bad celebrity is Britney Spears. A lot of people know her for her outstanding voice and body, but like Lindsay Lohan, she has taken drugs and even gotten herself pregnant. She is a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, record producer, author, fashion designer, video director (Wikipedia). She is known for being the best performer yet, but only because of showing off her voluptuous body. Like Miley Cyrus, most of Britney Spear's music videos have shown her naked, or topless. Of course, she has covered her woman parts, but being naked and showing off skin is a very bad influence to teens and younger kids; every Britney Spears music videos are allowed for everyone to watch, therefore a young and innocent child could be searching for a Mickey Mouse video, and then comes across one of Britney Spears music video. The kid's mind would be corrupted; the youth would follow in Britney's footsteps, become pregnant at a young age, consume drugs, and reveal body parts freely to everyone.

Despite all the despicable things that Lohan, Cyrus and Spears have done, there are other celebrities out there that have done life changing experiences. For example, Miley Cyrus has apologized for all her bad behavior and has devoted her to a Christian. She has hopes that fans will follow her footsteps in becoming a fully devoted Christian. Alan Slater has walked from San Francisco to New York City for a capital journey. A journalist of CB wrote about her rendezvous with him. He is walking across the states to find information about cancer. The day that the journalist met the determined man, he said that he was "almost done" with his trip from San Francisco to New York City, even though he has about another month to go. He walks about eight hours a day at around 3 miles an hour, covering roughly 25 miles a day (CB). Leo DiCaprio and George Clooney donated one million dollars each for Haiti during the earthquake disaster (CB). The show was opened for anyone who wanted to donate money to the saviors of the earthquake that shook the whole province. DiCaprio and Clooney's donation helped Haiti tremendously. After seeing big celebrities showing love for the hurt ones, the telethon gained lots and lots of money to help Haiti from the great catastrophe.

Although many celebrities help out the nation, and other countries, there are still other celebrities that influence our mind in a wrong way. Celebrities now might influence the posterity and corrupt their minds. Youthful kids could also be influenced by the actions the celebrities do. Young kids might be already taking drugs, taking nude photos, and getting pregnant at a young age. In reality, this is already happening. Teenage kids are getting pregnant at a very young age, consuming drugs, and driving under the influence. These are events that just happen, but we can avoid these events by not following the actions of the stars. Not everything they do is superior; they are not the king. In conclusion, celebrities are not a good role model for generations now and posterity because from all the celebrities' actions now, they have already corrupted our youthful minds.



To judge by your comment, this review reaches you a little too late, but whether you've already submitted your essay or not, it might still be worthwhile (for the sake of the future) to reflect on some of the problems with the essay. I will focus here on the most important of these problems and do so just by asking a few questions that go unanswered in the current draft of your essay.

1. Why do you think celebrities should be held responsible for the actions of their fans? If a celebrity takes drugs, for instance, and a newspaper reports this fact, and fans as a consequence decide also to take drugs, why is that consequence the celebrity's fault and not the fans' fault or the newspapers' fault? Note these are intended as genuine questions that you ought to answer in your essay (i.e., I don't want to imply that celebrities necessarily are not responsible).

2. How do you know that the actions of celebrities influence their fans, and how important do you think the influence is relative to other possible influences on the actions of fans (peer pressure, television shows or film, books, facebook and other social networking sites, pastors, teachers, parents)? Your essay asserts the existence of such influence, but it doesn't try to persuade the reader with reasons or evidence that such influence takes place and it merely assumes that it is a strong influence.

Your essay has strong argumentative drive, but it would need to answer those questions in order to elaborate the argument in a compelling way. However, if you only want to answer the question "Are celebrities good role models?," you could do so without getting bogged down in questions about the extent of the influence of celebrities' on their fans. That of course would make for a weaker and less interesting essay, since the answer to the question would seem to be banal: some celebrities are good role models, and some are not. You could perhaps make the answer more interesting by explaining who (scientists? politicians? teachers? pastors?) you think ought to be taken as role models instead.

I note however, and finally, that your essay doesn't come to the obvious and banal answer I just alluded too. Despite the evidence that you present to the contrary (note by the way that "on the contrary" doesn't mean "on the other hand," as you seem to take it to mean in your essay), showing that some celebrities do admirable things, you conclude only that celebrities are not good role models. Your essay, in other words, only seems to justify the conclusion that the three named celebrities (and not celebrities in general) are not good role models.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: randompop


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April,20 2012

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