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Object, Image, Architecture: Venus Of Willendorf - With A Free Essay Review

L. Beddingfield 4/14/2012

Pieces of art that are ancient can be both similar and different than the pieces of art that are created in modern times. The way that they are created is almost guaranteed to be different, but there is a chance that the artist had a similar motivation for creating the piece. In the two pieces of art that I have chosen to compare, there are parts to each one that is unique, but both end up with a similar look. The sculpture that is prehistoric has things in common and different from the painting from only a few years ago.

Venus of Willendorf is a sculpture that has been dated back to 25,000 BCE. This prehistoric piece is carved out of stone. It may be thousands of years old, but the object was found less than one hundred years ago in Austria. The figurine is a woman carved by the artist for a spiritual purpose. The four-inch object was created to help influence fertility. The fertility of what is not specifically identified. It could be used to improve the fertility of a women or the fertility of the soil and land. It is suspected that the figure was made to be used to help a woman’s fertility because of the look of the woman’s anatomical parts. The sculpture has bulging breasts, a large stomach and wide hips, all child bearing characteristics. The sculpture was created in the upper Paleolithic time, a time when both the population of humans and the abundance of food were important issues. The upper Paleolithic time includes the late years of the Old Stone Age, also the last Ice Age.

The second piece of art was created in the United States of America in 2010 by David Chelsea. The artist’s medium was acrylic on paper. The painting was made in support of an auction for Wonder Woman Day. The event named after the DC comic heroine is a day in October that supports the awareness of domestic violence. The artist, David Chelsea, has participated in the event by donating a different piece of art each year since 2006.



The introductory paragraph ought to identify the works of art that your essay discusses, and develop a more specific thesis.

You say in your second paragraph that Venus of Willendorf was "carved by the artist for a spiritual purpose," a claim that I am inclined to believe but for which you provide no evidence. Instead you claim further that it was "created to help influence fertility." I doubt that this counts as common knowledge, so it might be appropriate to identify the source of these claims, with a sentence like the following: "It has been claimed by X that the sculpture was created to ... ." This is exactly what you do (although without identifying the source of the suspicion) when you say "it is suspected that the figure was made ... to help a woman's fertility." Also, you might also want to clarify in what sense a sculpture intended to aid fertility is “spiritual.” Finally, with respect to your second paragraph, you conclude with contextual information that should be used, if it needs to be used at all, as introductory material, not the conclusion to your paragraph. Make the conclusion of each paragraph relevant to your thesis.

I won't comment on your next paragraph because it is obviously incomplete, insofar as you have not identified or made a claim about the work under discussion, or its relation, in aesthetic terms, to the Venus of Willendorf. If you do want to submit the complete essay, please email it to me ( and I will add it to this page, and complete the review.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: Carrah

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