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Fifth Business - With A Free Review

I have no idea where this intro is going. Please help! I'm trying to make a thesis/intro for the book fifth business.

Literature continues to address one’s quest for identity; however, in order to do so, one must thoroughly understand his or her role towards others to achieve it. These roles vary based on society, friends, family, and mainly the person one aims to be. Looking at society today, it is evident that people are influenced directly through media. The norm in everyday life shapes the individual so that they become the person that others expect and need them to be. Albert Einstein once stated, “A person starts to live when he can live outside himself”



I'm afraid I cannot help much with this because I've not read the Fifth Business, and because the current draft of your introduction tells me nothing about it (and because we only review complete essays here also!). However, the fact that the introduction so far tells us nothing about the book is the fact that first needs addressing. So forget about the introduction for now, and think about what you actually want to say about the novel. Focus on a single topic that you can make claims about, and elaborate those claims. In other words, forget about the specific form you want the introduction to take, and especially don't get bogged down with generalizations and quotations of Einstein. You can write a proper introduction once the essay itself is written (at which point you will know exactly what you are introducing) and just clarify for yourself what the topic of your essay is. You might start by completing the following sentences to get going:

"In this essay, I examine the issue of X [identity?] in Fifth Business."

"Specifically, I argue that Fifth Business reveals the following about X: ..."

If you cannot complete the second sentence (which would be your thesis) in a rough form, you are probably not yet ready to start writing your essay, and may need to devote more time to re-reading and thinking about the novel (and perhaps consult criticism) in order to answer the more preliminary question, What does Fifth Business say about X (or Y or Z)?

Again, I'm sorry that I cannot be helpful here, but that is why we only review complete essays. Come back to us, if you wish, when you've completed a first draft.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: HannaPark

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