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Terrible Things - With A Free Essay Review

Why is it that something so seemingly right is so wrong? When I first met you I had no clue we were going to make it this far. We are like a twisted love story written from long ago. Two star crossed lovers destined to be together. "Where for art thou?" they cry into the night trying to find the light of each other's love. This light is suppressed by a darkness. The darkness of society and its ridiculous rules. Is age just a number? Thats what I think. If two people can trust each other with their lives, their feelings, and their thoughts, than why can't they be together? To trust someone with your love is to trust them with your life. It is not easily given and can easily be taken away. The fact that we can't give our love to each other is a terrible thing. “I have died everyday waiting for you. Darlin' don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more.” Words that ring through my head day in day out. Your face; your gorgeous eyes; I cannot get them out of my head. I cannot get you out of my head. You are a drug. You are intoxicating. I wish you would just leave me here, and yet I wish you would never go; never leave my side. Be here with me forever. Die with me for these next thousand years as we wait for each other. This sweet sacrifice truly is the epitome of the statement "good things in life are worth waiting for." This is not a good thing. This is a wonderful thing, and this is also a terrible thing. Two star crossed lovers suppressed by society into less than what they want to be. This love story tells a better one than Romeo and Juliet. This is more of a tragedy than Hamlet. This little story is called Reality; and it sucks.



The reason that something seemingly so right is so wrong has to do only, I think, with the conflict between what we want from the world and what the world wants from us.

Okay, that's obviously a banal answer to your question, though I can imagine taking a bash at writing an essay about it if I were seriously put up to it. In any case, it has the appearance of an answer to the question, which your essay, I think, lacks, aside from its concluding and even more banal (if you'll forgive me for saying so) remark that reality sucks. Your banal answer, however, has the merit of being largely true. The challenge, I suppose, would be to write an essay, or a story, that demonstrates that inexorable truth. It looks like you also want to articulate a truth about fate, which is perhaps a force that you would associate with reality. In that respect, I would just not that "star-crossed lovers" are lovers that are screwed by fate, so the idea that they would be "destined to be together" seems wrong. "Star-crossed lovers" are destined to be separated from each, perhaps violently, and they are perhaps also destined to die in their pointless struggle to overcome fate.

Best, EJ

P.S. “Wherefore” means “why,” so when Juliet says “Wherefore are thou Romeo?” she means “Why are you Romeo?” (i.e., why have I fallen for Romeo and not someone I’m not forbidden to love?)
Submitted by: swimfinn

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