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Methamphetamine Essay - With A Free Essay Review

In the United States more than 26 million people are using methamphetamine with most of them being teenagers. Methamphetamine is the world’s most destructive drug with it killing or injuring over 1.5 million of people per year. Methamphetamine destroy millions of lives including the users as well as the families and friends. Law enforcement and government agencies are using tougher laws to eliminate the drug usage and save lives. Will requiring drugs that contains pseudoephedrine to have a doctor’s prescription help reduce the manufactory of methamphetamine or cause problems to those with chronic illnesses? Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant drug that is produce in illegal laboratories throughout the United States. Methamphetamine are also know as Ice, Glass and Crystal. When becoming addicted to methamphetamine there are dangerous consequences when using thus drug. Some of the effects of using methamphetamine is irritability, anxiety, irregular heart rate, and increase in physical activity, and heart rate increase. These effects start when the methamphetamine is taken, inhale, or injected. Methamphetamine users have a period that lasts between 8 to 12 hours that called insomnia when users are in these period they can have dangerous effect such as violent spells and sexual urges. When these period end the users has depression and fatigue. Long term effects usually are within these 8 to 12 hours periods. Some more long term effects are strokes and Alzheimer’s disease due to the damage that is done to the brain. Methamphetamine users are easily addictive as soon as the first usage. The stimulant in the drugs is so addictive that the users has to keep using causes problems for their family, friends, and themselves. In American there are a lot of reports of overdoses with drugs each year. When overdosing on Methamphetamine the users does not know they are dying because it a sudden and quick death.

In March of 2006, the United States of America signed an Act that bans the sale of any over the counter drug that contain pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine is the main ingredient in medication for sinus cold such as Sudafed, Sudafed is the medication that are use to produces the toxic drug methamphetamine. Within the act are rules and regulations for individuals and businesses. Business are to keep all medication within a locked storage box or behind the counter. When an individual purchases the medication, the seller has to keep a log record of the purchase with signatures for two years. Individuals buying these medication have to have a valid form of Identification and are only allow to buy a certain limit per month. The Act requires that the limit be 9.0 grams or less per month. When an individual is caught producing methamphetamine with in a location of children then that person get a harder sentence of an additional 20 years in prison. With the prison having more drug related inmates then any other crime the cost to support these individuals is expensive. The cost is anywhere from 10,000 dollars to 20,000 dollars per year. Withdrawal affect the individuals, their families and friends as well. The cost to run treatment programs range between 10,000 dollars to 15,000 dollars a year and 2,000 to 3,000 dollars for outpatient programs yearly.

However, when individuals that have chronic illness that need these type of medication have trouble. If they pass these new law that states individuals need a doctor prescription can have great effects. The health cost to pay for a doctor for each visit and the prescription with individuals without health insurance can be expensive. In some scenario the individuals that have these chronical illness may need to have more then the limited amount of 9 grams per month and with doctor prescription. Individuals with chronic diseases may have problems obtaining their medications because of the cost and limit on that form of medications.

In Mississippi, the government has passed the law that individuals are require to have a prescription from a doctor in order to obtain the medication such as Sudafed. Since the law has been in affect the use and manufacturing of methamphetamine have decrease greatly. These law could save families, friends, and their loved ones. The law to have prescriptions for sudafed is in effect will help the world against drugs. These law can reduces the cost of housing prison inmate that are in jail for drug related problems. Facilities that treat patients for their methamphetamine addictions will reduces greatly with patience and tax-payers will not have to pay tax money for treatment. The law that was passed in Mississippi the crime rate has decrease and the cost to house prisoners and for programs for drug related problems are less expensive.

Methamphetamine destroy the lives of the user, user’s family and friends. When looking at the damage and cost that methamphetamine does to communities. Requiring the drug that contain pseudoephedrine to be prescribed by a doctor will greatly effect the United States . Methamphetamine labs as well as the users will decrease extremely and save lives. If this law is pass it will reduce methamphetamine labs but not completely eliminate the use and distribution.

Like the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 , if this new law comes in to affect the Law enforcement and government will have a good start on the war against drugs.



The essay presents a lot of information that has the general appearance of being accurate, but in the absence of documented sources the reliability of the information must remain in question. The essay also makes one argument in favor of a proposed law, but the essay begins with a question instead of a thesis, which I think is a mistake, since a clearly articulated thesis can help ensure that your reader understands the argument you want to make. It's especially important to do that when an essay also has a lot of grammatical errors, as this one does. Of course you should try to eliminate, and can eliminate, such errors from your writing, but while you are working on that problem, you ought to do everything else that you can to increase the clarity of your writing. So, first, write an actual thesis.

For your thesis, you might complete this sentence: "In this essay I will argue that there should be a law etc., because A, B, C" - where A, B, and C are actual reasons for supporting your argument.

You can also improve the clarity of your argument by making specific claims that explicitly connect the evidence you are presenting to the argument that you want to make. Right now you have a paragraph on the consequences of methamphetamine abuse but you don't draw any argumentative conclusions in that paragraph. You then have a paragraph on the history of attempts to address the problem, but again you don't clarify what you want your reader to think about that. You then have a paragraph on the possible impact on patients of the kind of law that you are supporting, but you don't explain why you ignore this impact in coming to your conclusion that the law should exist. Then you have a paragraph about the consequences of such a law in Mississippi, but you don't draw any conclusions from the information that you present there. I suggest that you do everything that I've just said these paragraphs don't yet do. Then you will have an essay clearly focused on proving the truth of your contention that it would be a good idea to adopt the proposed law.

Once you've done all of that, proofread carefully and multiple times. Below are some examples of recurring problems in your essay. If you don't know how to fix the examples in your essay, look up the problem in your grammar book and study it. It really is that easy.

1. Read your essay with a view to ensuring you have no subject-verb agreement errors, like the following: "methamphetamine are"; "drugs that contains"; "some of the effects ... is"; "users has"

2. Read your essay with a view to ensuring you have no verb form errors, like the following: "is produce"; "can reduces"; "will reduces"; "is pass"; "are also know"

3. Learn the difference between the noun "effect" (consequence), the verb "to effect" (to bring about, or cause), and the verb "affect" (to have an impact on). Also learn the difference between "then" and "than."

Best wishes, EJ.
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