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Character Analysis (Video Game) - With A Free Essay Review

Character Analysis: Applicants specifically interested in the BS in Game Design or BA in Game Design programs must submit this essay, but for all other undergraduate applicants, this is optional.

• Choose one of these character images to analyze. Once you have made your choice, write an essay in which you describe a basic personality and history of the character you have chosen, plus a bit about the world he or she came from. Do not go overboard on this first part—just a third of the essay at most. Then describe the character's abilities, equipment, and weaknesses. Finally, describe what type of game the character is for (this does not have to be a video game) and what purpose the character would have in that game, both in terms of the story and game mechanics (not just one or the other). The character cannot be the primary hero or villain of the game—he or she must be a secondary, non-player character. The essay must be at least 800 words long (and no more than 1,200 words), with good structure, excellent grammar, and perfect spelling.

Pon is the son of chef Garrus Klem who owns a small restaurant business. Garrus, Pon's father, was forced to raise Pon alone from a young age. Though there were obvious struggles Garrus was able to raise a son he was very proud of. Pon can be described as a pessimistic and insecure being. Pon is seen carrying himself in a very lackadaisical way and is always trying to please others through his actions. He is afraid of conflict and therefore, is always apologizing for his little mistakes. He does not instill a bright view on life and constant work causes him to always be sick with the common cold. Pon grew up working for his father at the family business, the Viewside Shack, doing the grunt work such as cleaning dishes and tidying up the place. Pon acquired a strong work ethic from his younger years and eventually gained his first and current job as a courier for the mail service. Pon's job requires him to travel afar delivering mail to a variety of people. This has allowed Pon to gain acquaintances all over Allon and is known throughout the kingdom.

Pon lives in the region of Allon on planet Earth. Allon is home to the technologically advanced race of the Seekah, meaning sky mover. Allon is a floating world high in the sky where the Seekah inhabit but, many different races call home. Planet earth is filled with many intelligent races such as; the Drovah, meaning earth mover, the Fasarh, meaning water breather, and the Humans, also known by the derogatory term Eaban or earth ban which also includes half breeds of species. The Earth is separated by different habitats. The Seekah live in their kingdom in the sky, the Drovah dwell in the depths of the earth, the Fasarh reside at the bottom of the oceans, and the Humans and half breeds, or Eaban, are ban to live on the surface of the earth, the only place they can be accepted.

Pon would appear as a secondary character in an action role playing video game. Pon is a character that you must interact with a lot throughout the beginning of the game. In order to acquire new information about not only the world around you but, information on enemies, allies, and quests players must interact with this character. Pon holds a lot of connections through his job as a courier for the mail service and is always acquiring secrets and news about what is happening in Allon. The video game will force the player to interact with this character in order to progress in the game. The player will acquire quests, information on current quests, helpful tips and news, current gossip, and purchasable items from Pon at the beginning of the game. The player will discover how to progress in the video game by clues and information that Pon shares with him or her. When the main conflict of the storyline develops Pon becomes a non-playable ally on your team. Pon informs the player how he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He explains how he stumbled upon discovering a secret of an event that will transpire in Allon. Pon expresses his distress to the player and asks for advice on how to deal with the information. The storyline continues with Pon playing an important role throughout the story. With his inside information and important connections Pon contributes to the game in many different ways.

Pon plays the role of a defensive tank in the video game. Seekah, Pon's race, are tough, scaly beings who sport high defensive characteristics. Pon is able to acquire large amounts of damage to the body without being weakened or fatigued. Due to Pon's personality of being depressed, insecure, and always sick Pon is a slower moving character with low luck. His slow speeds result in many hits being taken by enemies and his very low luck allows for very few critical hits through his attacks. Seekah's main weakness, including Pon's, is magic and is dangerous to their bodies and fervor. Equipment is divided into three parts in the video game: outfits, weapons, and accessories. Outfits are displayed in the video game as the clothing style of the race and increase defensive characteristics with each new outfit. Pon's race, the Seekah, dress very stylish and focus on many accessories to their outfits. They have many options available such as: ear rings. face masks, tail rings, and boot attachments. Each accessory adds to Pon's basic look and distinguishes him from other Seekah. Pon wields a variety of clubs in the video game as his offensive weapon. These clubs range from pots and pans, to spiked clubs, to clubs with magic bound rings around it. Pon's clubs are very useful for inflicting massive physical force upon enemies. Pon offers an advantage in the video game with his unique ability to resist physical damage to the body. Pon does not become weakened or fatigued from constant physical force. He is useful asset in both game play mechanics and storyline progression.



I'm sorry to say that I cannot provide a meaningful essay review in this case because this is not really an essay in the traditional sense, and I don't have the knowledge needed to critique a report on a game character. My comments will therefore be very limited in scope.

1. The structure of your response obviously does not follow the structure required by the prompt; I don't see why you would take the risk of not following the prompt exactly: a. Character; b. Equipment etc.; c. Type of Game.

2. Even so, the structure is tightened by the relationship between the character's history and its performance in the game. The description as a whole would be more coherent still if it were clear what the objectives of the game were.

3. So, the objectives of the game are not not entirely clear. That's mostly because of the dearth of details, but sometimes the language itself is just vague. For example, in the following passage, the first sentence and the last three words of the second sentence are very vague. "The storyline continues with Pon playing an important role throughout the story. With his inside information and important connections Pon contributes to the game in many different ways." I understand, of course, that Pon is a source of information, and he’s more or less immune to violence, but I don't really know what he's a source of information about and who or what he fights. If truth be told, I'm not sure what I would be as a player - perhaps a human infiltrating Allon with the intention of seizing control of the sky kingdom for the sake of oppressed humanity? In that case (or perhaps in other cases) why does Pon help the human player? What's his motivation, his reward? If he were a character in a novel, he would need motivation. As a character in a game, perhaps he does not. As I say, and as I’m sorry to say, I don’t really know anything about this stuff.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: Shpinxis

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