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Reasons For Applying - With A Free Essay Review

• Reasons for applying: This section is required for all undergraduate applicants, regardless of the program you are applying for.

o Discuss your reasons for applying to DigiPen and explain how these reasons relate to your future goals (personal, education, and professional). Make sure you explain why you are applying to the specific program (CE/RTIS/BSGD/BAGD/BFA) you are interested in, not just DigiPen in general (although you can certainly explain that as well). Explaining why you are applying to one particular program instead of another is also good, as is writing about what other programs you would be interested in (some uncertainty about which program you are most interested in will not hurt your chances of admission). Spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, along with the correct use of punctuation, capitalization, quotation marks, etc. are all considered, so proofread your essay carefully.

DigiPen Institute of Technology became highly appealing to me as I looked for a school to secure my future goals. My goals for my future are a reflection of my interests and desires in life. My desire in life is to be part of a team that is the creative mind behind a video game. DigiPen is a school that fulfills what I am seeking for due to it's high education level, acclaimed reputation, and unique environment.

I am a highly motivated person in organization, psychology, and video games. My goals in life truly are directly related to my internal desires. My career goal in life is to become a part of a video game development team and to create an artistic video game experience. The Bachelors of Science in Game Design Degree at DigiPen is the right program for me because, my interests are similar to the outcome of the curriculum. The program details explain students must be skilled writers, passionate designers, and analytical thinkers; these areas define me. I am proficient in writing and English and really enjoy improving my skills in this area. I am passionate towards video games and designing a creation that is artistic, enjoyable, and unique. Analytical thinking is a process of my everyday life. I can’t help but analyze the world around me in many different ways and am intrigued by how others think and how their creations work. Though I feel confident in these areas there is always room for improvement and new skills to learn. I am excited to learn of those new abilities and perceptions of video games. I recognize the importance of being part of a team during the developmental process of a video game. Everyone has different views and talents to contribute to a video game and all are very important in creating a refined creation as a whole.

The Bachelor of Science in Game Design is more appropriate for me compared to the Bachelor of Arts in Game Design, because I enjoy the programming emphasis in the Bachelor of Science. I have experience in programming and enjoy how it is incorporated into the design of the video game. I enjoy the aspects of the Bachelor of Science compared to the focus of art and animation in the Bachelor of Arts. I am more skilled in the logic behind programming than in the hand behind drawing and animating.

Video games to me are not merely a form of entertainment that people can enjoy. Video games are a form of art expression and can be an experience unlike any other form of entertainment medium. I am someone who is very involved in video games, the video game industry, and the psychology behind video games. I am very familiar with aspects of other arts such as music and films and am able to incorporate the aspects of those forms into my ideas about video games. I really enjoy examining every different aspect of a video game. The artistic characteristics such as game play, music, visual arts, cinematic arts, and storyline all contribute to the psychology of the game and affect the experience of the player. Video games allow for the creation of an experience that is completely controllable and allows for the minds behind the game to express the idea they are trying to portray. Video games are the freest form of art expression and allow for so many possibilities.

DigiPen is more than I could ask for in a college. The programs at DigiPen are focused on a desire to teach the depths of video games. I want to learn and experience that intriguing depth of video games and DigiPen is my gateway to that goal. I would be honored to attend your astounding education at DigiPen Institute of Technology.



Let’s begin here: “My goals for my future are a reflection of my interests and desires in life. My desire in life is to be part of a team that is the creative mind behind a video game.” Do these two sentences really say much more than "I want to make video games"? If your "desire in life" is to make video games, then the phrase "desire in life" does not have a meaning that is distinct from "goal in life." The first sentence here is therefore a little bit banal, which is to say it would seem to go without saying.

Now look at the first few sentences of the second paragraph. The first of these is unintelligible, or at least I don't know what it means to be motivated in organization or in psychology or in video games (I might know what it means to be organized or to be interested in psychology or video games, but that's not what you say). The second sentence is, in effect, a repetition of that claim in the first paragraph that ought itself, as I was just saying, to have gone without saying. And the third sentence ("My career goal in life...") is also a repetition, and a prolix one at that, of a point already clarified. The fourth sentence also seems banal (the meaning is unclear, but you seem to be trying to find a sophisticated way to say "DigiPen is right because it teaches what I'm interested in").

So now we are one and half paragraphs deep into your essay, and here's what I find I have learned about you: You want to study video game development. You may object you have all of that other stuff about motivation and desire, but everyone has that kind of stuff, so it doesn't really tell the reader anything about anyone.

But even when you are telling me specific things about you, you may as well not be, because telling ain't compelling. So don't say, "I'm a good writer" or "I'm analytical." Just write good, analytical prose. Don't say "I enjoy how programming is incorporated etc." Demonstrate your interest in programming (What are your languages? How long have you been coding? What have you been working on?). Don't say "I am [someone who is - not needed!] very involved in video games, etc," just demonstrate your involvement. (How are you involved? What have you worked on?) Don't say you are "very familiar" with anything; explain what you've done or what you know. Don't say "I'm passionate about video games." Demonstrate your passion: "I devote all of my free time to improving my X." "I started coding in 2009, and have worked hard to become proficient in [whatever languages are used in game development]." "I aspire to create games like those created by [my hero], because those games demonstrate A, B, C, or something."

You can work these kinds of statements into sentences or paragraphs that directly respond to the prompt: I wrote [x] in 2011 in Python, and I loved Python, but I've wandered from the true path in recent months, and have started dabbling in [the next big thing], and so I look forward to taking DigiPen's course in Falling in Love with Python All Over Again, or working under the tutelage of Professor Whatshisface, the King of Python, or, [for the love of God, something concrete about what you want to do.]

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes, EJ.
Submitted by: Shpinxis

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