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What Advice Would You Give To A Student Just Beginning High School? Explain.

High school is important for all students, so what should they do when they begin high school? If someone had asked me that question when I was in high school, I would have said “I don’t know”. However, now I can give value advice based on my personal experience: students should focus on their studies, they should make friends, and they should participate in extracurricular activities.

Focusing on study is the most important thing students should do. Most high school students misunderstand that they have only so much time to study, so instead of studying, they like going out and playing games. Actually, the knowledge acquired in high school provides a foundation for higher education. Therefore, to prepare for higher education, studens should concentrate on what their teachers say in class and study hard. When they have questions, they should not be afraid to raise their hands and just ask their teachers. That's what teachers are there for. Of course some students will worry that their questions are somehow stupid and that their classmates will make fun of them. Since a question reveals a desire to learn, no question is stupid; but students who fear speaking out in class can always ask their teacher when their classes are finished. How about homework assignments? Students should do the assigned homework as well as they can every day because they will not have enough time to do it if they wait until the last moment, and a good deal of what students learn in high school is learned by doing homework.

But making friends is also a very essential activity for students who just start high school. Everyone needs friends, and students are not exceptions. Sometimes, they have questions, and they can ask their friends instead of teachers. However, when students just start high school, they feel like they are alone in the world because the school seems new to them. This feeling can cause students to be upset and so can interfere with their academic progress. Thus, students should be encouraged to accept their new school and to seek out new friends. If they don’t want to study alone, or sit alone in the break time, they need to find the courage to join discussion groups. It is difficult to study well without the encouragement of friends.

Finally, students should also participate in extracurricular activities in order to lead a balanced life. Don’t just study too much and don’t know what is happening outside. The human mind is like a machine that needs to be refueled. Students should relax to refresh themselves after studying hard for their tests. Participating in school activities, such as camping trips or hiking trips will allow students to maintain their health and also increase their social skills. When they get involved in such activities, they are supplying energy for their bodies and their minds. Therefore, extracurricular activities are an essential part of high school students’ lives.

In conclusion, focusing on study, making friends and participating in activities are the most important things that young students just starting high school should do.

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Submitted by: mienly

I'll Be Bach

Agreed with the above. Your essay focuses on what is stated in your thesis, yet the paper in totality is very basic.
April,04 2009

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Make sure you comment on some others' essays before posting your own. You might get a few more responses that way...

Your writing style leads me to believe that English was not your first language. Your best bet is to have a native English speaker read it over and let you know all the little errors that they see. I don't have enough time to point every single one out, but someone with a printed version of your essay and a pen can circle everything that needs to be corrected.
April,01 2009

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