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What Famous Place Would You Like To Visit? - With A Free Essay Review

PROMPT: What famous place would you like to visit? Use details and reasons to support your response.

Travel can be an adventure of a lifetime. There are so many wonderful places to visit in every country; which become famous because of particular characteristics that make people feel curiosity about that site. These characteristics are related to different points of interest or topics such as: tourism, politics, economics, fashion, history, etc. In USA, for example, New York is the fashion city, San Diego is home of dazzling beaches, Miami Beach is the most popular Floridian city for tourism with an amazing weather year round and Washington DC, the capital of USA, is center of politics, international affairs, culture and history. Now, that I am living in USA I want to visit first Washington DC because of the historical sights, museums and monuments and the diverse multicultural colorful atmosphere.

First at all it is important for me when I am in a foreign country, to know about his history and culture. In DC I have the opportunity to learn about that in an exciting way; visiting historical sights, wonderful giant museums and interesting monuments. In addition there is a rich culture program offered to get a great view of the past and present in USA. For example The Smithsonian Museums offer visitors 18 museums in Washington, DC. In some of them there are frequently artistic performances such as concerts, shows, theater, etc. I think there are plenty of sights filled with history, excitement and fun that I would enjoy.

In the other hand Washington, DC is a city of colorful and diverse neighborhoods, filled with shops and galleries, restaurants, urban parks and spectacular gardens. It is an opportunity to learn about different cultures. In addition, DC is home of international organizations and institutions, that work around the world. That makes DC interesting for me.

In summary, the famous place that I would like to visit is Washington DC because of the historical sites that involve everyone in the history and culture of America and his diversity that creates an amazing multicultural social environment.


I'm afraid I don't have much to say about your essay because it simply articulates a personal preference, and there's no arguing with that. If I were to argue, I would suggest visiting Las Vegas first, because there's less corruption there than in D.C., nicer water fountains, better shows, and of course lots of historic sites, like Caesar's Palace. Your reasons for wanting to visit Washington, D.C., however, are reasonable ones, though your essay doesn't do much to convince the reader of the historic significance of the capital. You mention that you want to visit "historical sights" ("historic sites" might be more appropriate here, if you want to emphasize an interest in places where events of historical significance occurred) but you don't mention any actual places of historic interest that you want to visit.

A few language notes: The semi-colon should be commas and "home of" should be "home to." "Amazing weather" doesn't take an indefinite article; "center of politics" and "USA" take the definite article. "At" should be "of" and "his" should be "its" and you need commas between your adjectives!

Best, EJ.

P.S., I was not serious about Las Vegas. STAY AWAY FROM VEGAS.
Submitted by: andrealoredo

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