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Small Actions That Make Enormous Changes - With A Free Essay Review

Have you ever wondered if you could do something against the uncontrollable damage that human beings are causing to our planet? The answer is yes, we can make a difference. In fact, just by asking ourselves and being worried about the current situation that our planet is going through, we are marking a huge difference among the whole world. Because not many people have gotten to the point of being aware of the misuse that we are giving to all things we were given by our Mother Nature. But, and because you are conscious and different, there are few and small actions that you can adopt in your daily life to help keeping our planet in good condition for future generations. Therefore, to make an impact for better, we can start by making a good use of water sources, decreasing the daily intake of light and carrying out proper treatments to wastes.

Improving the usage of the water could make a strongly impact to our environment. Sadly, we might fall into the idea that water would last forever, due to the fact water is the largest natural resource. But being the vastest natural resource does not mean that we can misspend it, instead we have to take as much advantage of it as we can in a proper ways. For instance, whenever we are taking a bath, we are used to run the water for about 30 second or more without using it and waiting until it gets hot. So that, meanwhile it gets warm we might collect that water with a bucket and use it later on. We will be saving at least 1 liter of water a day, 372 liters per year without making a exhaustive effort.

The insane waste of electricity has been another direct factor that worsens the environmental damage. First of all, electricity businesses have increased enormously lately, because of the fact that almost everything requires an electricity resource. But the problem is that there is no control of it, because companies that provide electricity do not care about the environment. They are only focus in the consumption of their product, so that we have to take actions on it. There are many things that we might do to save electricity. As it is said, not letting our chargers, television, and other electric products plugged in when they are not being used would save a considerable amount of electricity.

The exactly amount of wastes made by human beings is incalculable. Every product we acquire will end up in trash. From a computer to a bottle of water will be finally more trash. However , there is nothing wrong on making tons of trash, the problem comes when people do not let these wastes be processed properly by established institutions, because of the fact that people is throwing trash everywhere, which makes harder the recollection of these scraps. What we can do is very easy and, it will help the cause. Whenever you face any kind of trash such as a plastic bottle, a soda can, a candy cover or something that you are able to carry, just pick it up and put it in a proper place such as a dump. Mother Nature will be thankful if you do so.

In conclusion, there are countless small tasks that you can take as a part of your life. Actions you may even think those actions are not significant; they really play an important role for the environment. By reducing the misuse of water , trying to use electricity just when is necessary , and cleaning our way up while we are walking, are important and not arduous actions that can make a difference in our planet, having a better place where we can live and leaving it even better for our future generations



The essay focuses on individual ways to address problems, but you also ought to specify the nature of those problems. You don't really explain why we need to conserve water and why overuse of water resources can be detrimental to the environment, for instance. The answer is complicated and varies from region to region, but you could give one or two examples of the issues involved. You could look, for example, at the ecological impact of damming rivers. You also don't explain why using electricity is a problem, although you assert that it is. In this case, you could look into the fuels used to create electricity (e.g., coal and oil) and explain the problem with using fossil fuels on a large scale (pollution, global warming).

Now the argument of your essay is that there are "countless small tasks" that we can undertake to reduce the harm done to the environment and that performing these task would "play an important role" in reducing that harm. Your essay identifies some of these tasks (collecting bath water, turning off appliances, and properly disposing of waste) but the essay doesn't really explain why doing that stuff will make a meaningful difference. Since the apparent purpose of the essay is to persuade me, the reader, that I personally can make a difference, this is a significant problem with the essay. I will just look at one example from your essay here (the example of water use) but the essay as a whole suffers from this lack of clarity about why doing the small things you mention is important.

You do note, then, that collecting cold water that is normally wasted might save 1 liter a day (wouldn't that be 365 rather than 372 liters per year?) but you don't explain what difference such a saving would make. Obviously you want to imply that saving this much water would have an impact, but it's not clear to me that it would. 372 (or 365) sounds like a big enough number, but according to Wikipedia,* the average per-person consumption of water is about 370 Liters per day in the United States. This means that if every American followed your advice, the country would save about one quarter of one percent of its current water use. That's not nothing, but it's also not much. And since practically no one is actually going to follow that advice (sorry to be a cynic), one person doing so has a vanishingly small impact on water use. So why should I bother? That's not a rhetorical question: your essay should actually explain to me why I should bother.

A good way generally to improve the quality of argumentative essays is to consider possible objections and respond to them. One possible objection to your essay is that doing what you suggest will make such a small difference that there is no point in following these suggestions. Another possible objection to your essay is that when you tell people they are helping to protect the environment by saving a little bit of water or a little bit of electricity, you're offering them an alternative to meaningful action, an alternative that will serve only to make them feel good about themselves. How would you respond to such objections?

Best, EJ

Submitted by: sebdiaz

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