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Women Should Not Be Allowed To Drive - With A Free Essay Review

In some countries you have your own freedom to drive whatever if you are a woman or a man. On other hand, in some other countries it is impossible and illegal for women to drive like in Saudi Arabia. Contrariwise, in Oman it is legal for women to drive but, it’s depend on their parents if they are open minded and they let her to do it but, other parents are traditional and would not allowed their women to drive. I believe women should not be allowed to drive for two basic reasons.

Firstly, women should not be allowed to drive because women are too emotional. Woman’s feelings are connected with their reactions. Moreover they have different reactions from men that consider as weak reactions comparing with men’s reactions. For example if they have an accident or something they will not be able to cope with sudden situations and that will end up with more car accidents.

Secondly, women shouldn’t be allowed to drive because women have important responsibilities that are more important than driving cars. Women’s first priority is to look after their children and raise them. In addition, they shouldn’t depend on the baby-sitter. Also, they have to take care of the house and themselves. In the end woman should be treat as a queen, so she don’t have to be a driver. She should get her own driver. This precious sensitive creature doesn’t fits with driving cars.

On the other hand, some people say that women should be allowed to drive in order to get their needs. Okay they may have some emergencies, so they will need a drive, but they can ask anyone who can drive their brothers, their fathers or their husbands to give them a ride. Unfortunately most of the car accidents caused by women drivers, so we should try to decrease the number of women drivers to avoid the accidents.

In my opinion women should not drive at all, because they are too emotional and soft to fits with driving. They have other responsibilities to do. In the end, most of car accidents caused by women and that is not a good thing obviously. My advice is “women stay away from driving”.



While it is a common perception among men that women are poor drivers, the sad and embarrassing truth is that the cleverest people in the world (i.e., those who analyze risk for insurance companies) have figured out that women are generally safer drivers than men. This may have more to do with greater risk aversion than greater skill (see: but the upshot is the same: your argument about women being less safe than men behind the wheel of car is false. In support of that argument, you assert that women cause more accidents than men. Normally, I would advise students making assertions of this kind to support them with evidence. The evidence that I've seen, however, suggests that the assertion is simply false, which suggests in turn that you are just making stuff up. That's not a good way to write an essay! However, if it is the case that you have seen a reliable study of accidents in a particular region that shows that women are disproportionately responsible for accidents, then, yes, include it.

The argument about women having responsibilities that are incompatible with their driving is also problematic. You need to address three possible objections to the argument:

1. The idea that women's "first priority is to look after their children and raise them” is an ideological claim, not a logical one.

2. The freedom to drive can help one carry out one's responsibilities (whatever they are), while the idea that such a freedom gets in the way of one's carrying out such responsibilities is illogical.

3. The idea that women are precious and sensitive and so unfit for driving (tip: meet more women) is an ideological claim, not a logical one.

The upshot is that the argument is irrational and ideological. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be allowed to drive! if we excluded everyone who made irrational and ideological arguments from driving, the roads would be empty.

Best wishes, and happy driving,

Submitted by: to0my20

The Truth

Good essay. I am 'the truth' and i will not lie. Sexism, racism and cruelty should be banned. What you said was not fact proofed. Don't publish things that you aren't sure of. Women's reactions are much quicker and more organised than men's. We have the ability to multitask. It should be men who we consider the right to drive. However you did well in adding in many different points of view and set it out in a well ordered layout. I give you a 7/10 because it was good, clever and mainly correct. The truth approves!
October,20 2012

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