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To Understand The Most Important Characteristics Of A Society, One Must Study Its Major Cities.- With A Free Essay Review

Study of the major cities gives an understanding of the characteristics of a society? Well the statement here claims so. By closely observing only the major cities while leaving apart the other rural areas would definitely not help in understanding a society. In this age of modernization, the major cities have flourished in technology and science leaving apart the entire heritage and rituals apart.

The first instance which proves this is an example of one of the busiest city in America i.e., New York. The study of New York doesn’t fetch us a mirror image of the western culture because being a busy city people there tend to eat in fast foods as they don’t find time to prepare food. But the case would be different with another city in America.

Secondly, building up a society is not a fast process it takes years to form a society. The study of major cities in India like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad shows that people here are busier with their schedule and find no time for some festivals and have less knowledge on their culture when compared to people in the rural areas. This again serves as another instance which says that study of the major cities does not give a brief idea of the Indian society. In fact, it is the small towns and rural areas which reflect the true culture and heritage of the Indian society.

Also a city has many people from different cultures and nationalities whose habits and life style are diverse in nature. For instance, Texas in USA has people from 14 different nationalities which show that the people here have a lot of differences in their way of living and even different cultures.

Therefore, as most of the major cities and the other parts of a country differ in their cultures maybe due to the increase in science and technology or some other reasons, it is not a good idea to rely upon the major cities for the study of a society rather study of all the major, minor cities would help in getting a skeletal idea of a society.



When writing these test essays, pay careful attention to the prompt. The claim in this prompt is that if you want to understand the most important characteristics of a society, you must look at the major cities. The claim is not "To understand the most important characteristics, you should ONLY study the major cities." In other words, it is a claim about whether or not the cities would give important information about the society; it is not a claim about whether you can learn everything you need to know by _just_ examining the cities. In a good essay, one might well make the point that one would _also_ need to examine rural areas in order to get a complete picture of society. But one must also tackle the question of what, if anything, the cities can teach us.

So, it may be true that New York alone teaches us nothing about certain aspects of American society, but does it teach us anything about the most important characteristics of American society? Well, your answer to that question will depend on what you think constitute the most important characteristics of a society in general. New York is the center of the American finance industry. It is also one of the most importance centers for arts and culture in the U.S. And, in a country that styled itself as a "great melting pot" of people from all of the world, it is ethnically diverse. If you think business, art, and ethnic makeup are among the most important characteristics of a society, you might well think that you would learn a lot about American society by looking at New York.

Now of course you could also argue that New York gives a very one-sided view of American society; you might argue that there are lots of places in America with different economic, cultural, and political interests. There are places where the ethnicity of the population is much more homogeneous than it is in New York. There are places where religious beliefs are very different, or are held with greater conviction, and have a much greater impact on what people think and do. You don't learn a lot about Christian Fundamentalism from studying New York, for instance. The correct argument to make, then, would seem to be that if you want to understand American society, you must examine New York ... and a lot of other places.

That argument, of course, depends very much on what one takes to be an "important characteristic" of a society. If you take a more philosophical view of the matter, and think for instance that the most important characteristic is the "spirit" of the people, or the "worldview" of the people, then it might be possible to argue that such things, if they exist, were forged (let's say, for the sake of argument) in the frontiers, where civilization encroached on the wilderness. You might think, for instance, that the most important characteristic of American society is its work ethic and its pioneering spirit. You might say that that characteristic can only be understood in the rural lands, where people still try to create a living off the land, or that it can only be understood by examining peculiar places like Silicon Valley, where entrepreneurs are the new pioneers. Or, again, you might argue that the most important characteristic of American society is a desire for liberty born in the Revolutionary War and that it can only be found among those who still fight, as they see it, for American freedom: the soldiers, the political organizations, and so on (and in that case, you could argue that the city as such is irrelevant).

Any of those arguments would be reasonable only because the prompt essentially leaves it up to you to decide what might count as an "important characteristic." That gives you an awful lot of freedom with respect to how you develop your argument. But it doesn't give you infinite freedom. It would only be reasonable, for instance, to emphasize the fact that New Yorkers eat fast food if you really believed that how or what people traditionally eat should count as one of the "most important characteristics of a society." If you did believe that, it would be a good idea (given the idiosyncratic nature of the view) to justify the belief. Your argument about "the small towns and rural areas" of India is, on the face of it, a much more compelling argument. Here you say those areas alone "reflect the true culture and heritage of the Indian society." That looks, as I say, more compelling, but in truth you are asking me to take your word for it. The only specific aspect of "culture and heritage" you mention in that paragraph is "festivals," which the city folk apparently find no time for. Here's what such an argument should roughly look like:

1. I believe that culture and heritage are the most important aspects of a society. (Or, better: I believe that culture and heritage are the most important aspects of a society because....)

2. While it may be that in some countries you can learn about these aspects by studying the major cities, this is not the case in every country.

3. Specifically, it is not the case in India.

4. In India, you can only learn about those aspects by studying the rural towns and villages.

5. If you study the major cities of India, you do not learn about the following features of Indian culture and heritage: A, B, C.

6. If you study the major cities of India, you can only learn about relatively less important aspects of society: X, Y, Z.

7. If you study the rural towns and villages, however, you will learn about A, B, C.

Best, EJ.

P.S., Sorry, but I don't grade essays!

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Submitted by: Ashish


Hello experts....
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March,15 2012


EJ! You have been the most helpful in allowing me to find better ways to organize my thoughts and to unfold my ideas! Thank you so much!
December,30 2015

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