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ALT Application - With A Response

Why are you applying for this position?

The concept of improving both cultural interaction and awareness of students in Japan and giving students a motive to speak English has long been an ambition of mine for many years. My interest in Japan as an ALT was first inspired after having experienced teaching English to adults and adolescents in Poland and the Czech Republic, albeit as an undergraduate. Furthermore, it is during my travels to the U.S through ‘Camp America’ as a camp counsellor where I lead a group of adolescents by playing sports, sharing meals, singing as well as utilising discipline. This challenge brought to the fore cultural barriers which was addressed by sacrificing own ideas and beliefs. I also learned more about myself and how to persevere where work was repetitive, requiring both diligence and the ability to 'get on with the job'. As such, I feel I can help others learn more about themselves.

As such, by working for a multicultural company such as Interac, I hope to achieve a life-enhancing experience by allowing me to work with a different culture that permits me to discover new models of teaching. Moreover, equipped with previous teaching experience, I believe the experience will invigorate my academic and leadership skills further. Therefore, as a result of participating as a language teacher, I hope to bridge the gap of internationalisation by promoting and stimulating the student’s interest in the English language by influencing a taste of cultural awareness that exists to the outside world of Japan and the benefits of such an exposure can bring to the students. Conclusively, I am confident that by being employed as an ALT, my teaching skills and past leadership experiences would positively influence the students themselves and would learn and develop from the experience.

What do you expect an ALT position with Interac entails?

Each institution, large or small, rural or urban, primary or secondary, has its own culture. Therefore, I expect the role of an assistant language teacher to be a varied one, involving conversation practice with entire classes, explaining vocabulary, grammar and even the possibility of taking the lead in teaching the class. However, it is to be expected that, in conjunction working with Japanese English teachers, ALT’s may suffer from the extremities of their role; either being required to control and teach the class while the main teacher carries on with other duties, or being left to their own devices as the main teacher conjures constructive ways to use the ALT. Nonetheless, an ALT is essential as not only an authentic knowledge on all things English, but an unofficial ambassador from their native country, thus needing to promote not only professionalism, but also as a positive leading role-model.

However, the role of an ALT also requires positive attributes such as patience and an easygoing nature, as Japanese school teachers, particularly the elementary level, may speak little to no English, therefore more prone to miscommunication. As such, it is expected that ALT’s should be sensitive to this and speak slowly and clearly when dealing with staff. Moreover, Japanese schools are likely to operate in a manner that is culturally different to what the ALT would be culturally accustomed to in their native country, thus needing to be understanding of this. Therefore, prospective ALT’s need strong intercultural skills in order to assimilate quickly into the Japanese school environment. It can be concluded that, as an employee of Interac, the ALT role is indeed a varied one, acting not only as an assistant language teacher, but also a leading role-model and an ambassador to the students for the UK.



We only review essays at, but I thought I should advise you all the same, since you are applying for a teaching job, and I hope you get it, that you need to ensure that your essay both makes perfect sense and is free of error. That is not yet the case with this document. In the first sentence, for example, "long" is made redundant by "for many years" - or vice versa. It also doesn't make sense to have a concept as an ambition. If you delete the first three words and the final three words, then the sentence will be perfect. The third sentence lacks a predicate. It was (not "is") during your travels that what happened? The fourth sentence has a subject-verb agreement error and you skip a word ("my own ideas"). There are many other errors in your application, and there are sentences that are, at least to this reader, more or less opaque. So before you try to impress anyone with the complexity of either your understanding of the position for which you are applying or of your syntax, make sure you get the basics of English language communication correct.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: Interac

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